• 2016.07.01.


    Since the very outset, prudent, organic corporate operational development and IT system development have been the cornerstones of Monolith Systemhouse.

    The company now has 15 years of successful operation under its belt. The considerable experience gained over that time and the trends which may currently be evidenced within the financial sector spurred management and owners alike to review and define the areas where Monolith could potentially develop and the business opportunities which we could explore.


    In 2015, following a full audit of our organisational processes and implementation of any necessary modifications and additions to the company’s management processes, we obtained ISO 27001 certification. This ensures that we have completed the optimalisation of the company’s processes in line with the highest security standards.

    Monolith Systemhouse currently operates systems and carries out on-going system development activities at 6 sites with a team of 4 developers and 6 system operators, and an efficiency far above the industry average.



    The Monolith Platform is a strong code base investment services system. Our on-going approach to system development over the last 15 years has ensured we keep pace with market demands and afforded us a significant competitive edge. As a result, the Monolith Platform continues to deliver services which yield a high level of satisfaction among our business partners.

    This was further confirmed by the positive feedback we received in 2015 for the regional level implementation of a securities account management system for UniCredit Romania, a dominant force in the Romanian financial sector.


    On this basis, we decided Monolith Systemhouse was ready to embark on a new growth path. The principal elements of this growth strategy are:


    • Business development and boosting sales beyond the national borders of Hungary.
    • The MiFID II regulations have created a growing demand for front system solutions which support investment services sales. We intend to fill the role of key system developer and supplier in this business segment. To this end, this year has seen the start of a comprehensive front system development to support sales of banking and investment services.
    • Within the scope of this development the entire Monolith Platform user interface has been upgraded using Oracle Application Express technology. Read more
    • In 2016 we launched complex (IT/business/legal) consulting services related to the MiFID II regulations for our present and prospective business partners. Read more
    • We intend to be an active market player in the process of IT Architecture consolidation currently taking place within the financial sector.
    • Given the easily scalable nature of the Monolith Platform, we intend to provide the right value for money IT solution for the mushrooming boutique investment service providers now starting up on the basis of a strong business concept.

    In light of all these factors we have decided now is the right time to revamp the Monolith Systemhouse image which, of course, includes redesigning our website.