• 2016.06.10.


    Following the financial crisis, and in a bid to develop financial market operations and strengthen investor protection, amendments were formulated to the MiFID directive (MiFID II) and the directly applicable regulation (MiFIR) based on recommendations by the European Commission.

    These regulations significantly transform the business processes, reporting and client management practices, to mention but a few, of companies providing investment services on the domestic Hungarian market, and in turn, of course, necessitate IT system development.

    We feel our 15 years of experience as an IT supplier to major banks and our comprehensive understanding of how the MiFID II directive and the MiFIR regulation impact business and IT make us ideally placed to provide professional consulting services in this field.

    Legal and regulatory compliance and business development all rolled into one

    We take a complex approach to providing management consulting services related to MiFID2 compliance and business development for:

    • top- and middle management of financial institutions
    • management consulting firms.

    We provide complex professional consulting services with respect to different banking areas as well as group compliance:

    • business objectives (converting regulatory requirements into business value – processes, products, client interaction)
    • Law, Risk, Compliance
    • IT Architect, IT Security